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Bosphorus has been the subject of legends since ancient times, hosted many arts such as poetry, songs and novels until today, and has been a source of inspiration for poets, painters and architects for centuries with its aesthetics reflected in each parts of Istanbul.

Intercontinental Hotel has risen on Taksim with its magnificence. The hotel hosts the guests who want to watch the Bosphorus and Istanbul under its wing with a bird's eye view, has also been a source of inspiration for us.

As you move towards the lobby area, the jewel of the magnificent and sparkling lobby, the staircase carries you harmoniously to the upper floor, while the chandelier surrounds the columns in the high-ceilinged lobby, symbolizing the sculptural stance of Intecontinental in Taksim, reflects the sparkling water waves of the Bosphorus to the lobby with light games.


Interior Design by Designist


Status: Ongoing

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